Sunday, 19 May 2013

Back to Reality

So I am back home after a week in Greece with all of the family. We had a lovely time, even in the thunderstorms! There was plenty of laughs and gorgeous food to distract us from the few days of rubbish weather. After a late night drive home from Birmingham to say I am tired is an understatement, I am likely to be in bed shortly after uploading this post :-).

I've read in lots of places that people take there crafty kit away on holidays with them, I thought about this whilst packing my cases but I just couldn't decide on what to take. I am a 'what if' kind of person which would have resulted in a whole case packed full of crafty stash just in case I fancied doing this or that. Next time however I will spend some time beforehand preparing something to take as there was always and hour or two here and there that I thought 'oooh I could be making something now!'. I did manage to do a little bit of ad-hoc sewing as my niece broke her hat as soon as we arrived at the airport.

Next week is all about getting back into a rountine of work and business. I need to get busy preparing for the upcoming classes and put my crafty cap back on to muster up some fabulous projects for the lovely people that are joining me.


If you would like to book a place on one of the upcoming classes please email me or phone/text me on 07966016776.

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